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True interchangeability

The first phase of the development of the interchangeability was the radical idea to fit a mechanism into a watch case. Several concepts were made and evaluated with physical prototypes made from 3D-drawings.

Once the concept was approved the work of improving the final parts using the highest tolerances begun. Seamlessly fitting the watchcase with the mechanism into the bezel without revealing to anybody except the wearer its innovative content.


The Swiss made automatic movement and the STR mechanism is seamlessly integrated into the watch case and covered by a special designed case back with a small sapphire glass window at 12' o clock to reveal the inner beauty of the Strayer.

Reducing the footprint

Manufactured with recycled Swedish stainless steel

Specially sourced recycled Swedish steel is used in the Strayer cases. Used globally in the most demanding professional and industrial environments. It is known not only to be exceptionally hard, precise and resistant to corrosion but also when polished very beautiful. Strayer is commited to making a minimum environmental footprint with its production of watches and uses only responsibly recycled steel as a part in this mission.