As a tribute to the first time Batman and Bruce Wayne appeared in ©DC Comics no 27, in 1939, Strayer watches received the mission to design and manufacture a limited edition of 27 unique models – “the Dark Knight”. The design of the Dark Knight is based on the unique STR-model that the designer and engineer Ola Stray patented and manufactured


STR + WAYNE _ Back.png

It allows for the wearer to seamlessly interchange the bezels with the turn of a lever and giving the watch a different look and personality. Same watch on the inside but different capabilities depending on the outer design, just like a superhero. Steel bezel at day, black bezel at night -Bruce Wayne at day, Batman at night. The watch has got a special “Dark Knight” dial and a unique engraving on the back with a Wayne logo and individually numbered from 1-27.

 STR + WAYNE _ Front.png

Strayer Watches of Stockholm, Sweden, designed these 27 unique pieces for Wayne Enterprises (DC Comics) as part of the Wayne Enterprises Experience, in collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery Global Consumer Products and Relevance International. They will be unveiled at an exclusive event in a secret New York location 3rd -10th of June for specially invited guests. At a Bruce Wayne safehouse in Downtown Manhattan, guests can take part in the world’s first shoppable luxury theatrical experience. Strayer’s pieces will be part of a scripted story in which everything you see can be purchased, alongside art, sound systems, jewelry and apparel, watercraft, and electric hyper cars, among many other items that represent the best of the best in luxury.


Mr. Bruce Wayne is known to be a gentleman, living an elegant lifestyle while secretly in search of groundbreaking innovation and new technology. This event offers invitations to discover Mr. Wayne's clandestine sanctuaries, which redefine the boundaries of luxury living and usher you into a future of limitless possibilities.

 Strayer x Wayne wristshot.png

“Welcoming fans into the bespoke world of Bruce Wayne through the Wayne Enterprises Experience is the next step in expanding our portfolio in directions that no one else can compete with,” said Robert Oberschelp, Head of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products. “Exploring this new method of retail storytelling, alongside our partners and curated brands, brings our world-renowned DC licenses to life for fans through captivating experiences and products.”

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“I’m proud to have been offered this opportunity from Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products and Relevance International to create this unique model and being a part of this incredible event, The lifestyle of Bruce Wayne, his engineering and innovative capabilities have been a true source of inspiration and reflects the unique and hidden patented interchangeability allowing the wearer to seamlessly change his personality” says Ola Stray, designer, and founder of Strayer Watches.